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Zichaela was born August 8th 2005 a healthy 8lb 6oz short little jelly bean. She hit every milestone as you would expect your child to, with the exception of a slight delay in her speech. She was your normal rambunctious, little miss attitude as a toddler.

On the evening of May 5th 2008, it seemed as if she was going to throw up, then she began turning blue, was limp and nonresponsive (her first seizure). For the next 9 months Zala went from 3-5 word sentences, to very few words at all. She was stumbling all the time, and was having many seizures.

In January 2009 Zala was diagnosed with Late Infantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, or more commonly known as Batten Disease and that she would not live past 8-12 years old. At this time Zala can no longer walk, talk, is tube fed, and is going blind.

Beautiful pictures courtesy of Tamara Burross with From The Treetop Photography.


Beautiful pictures indeed!

Kelly Franz

Absolutely gorgeous:-)


Beautiful images! My heart is breaking for this family and my prayers are with them.

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Love the photos! Beautiful family.

Most amazing family I have ever known!!! My heart & prayers are always with them!!! Love them all deeply!

Jill Reaves

Kenda my prayers go out to you and your family. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous.


She is beautiful! My prayers are with all of you. Luv, Bobbie

Can’t stop crying….my heart is so full. These children and their families are the strongest people on the planet. How incredibly beautiful. The pictures I’ve seen show a story of suffering which provoked the strengthening of bonds in family. What an amazing Foundation to support, what a tremendously talented Staff you have. I plan on spreading the word regarding Tiny Sparrow and would so incredibly honored to donate specific and personal paintings to the families of those who battle these diseases. Bless each and everyone of you on the phenominal work you are doing, and those you touch along this journey called life.

~ Genevieve

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