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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Mathaus | Texas | Ewing’s Sarcoma

We were heartbroken to learn that Tiny Sparrow Mathuas had passed but did so in the loving arms of his mama and with his loving daddy after a courageous battle with recurrent congenital Ewing’s sarcoma. While Mathaus is now free of pain, his short life transformed everyone that knew this beautiful and strong little boy […]

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Caitlin | Massachusetts

Caitlin is a beautiful 8 year-old little girl with most precious curls who loves her hair bows. She has eyes that sparkle with kindness and eyelashes that whips’ with softness and gentleness as she blinks. Caitlin has a smile that will instantly fill your heart with warm fuzzies and a most gentle and precious touch […]

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Asher | Brain Tumor | Missouri

Asher is a funny, feisty little three year old boy who loves Cars, Star Wars and playing with his brothers Caleb and Xavier. He simply adores his big brothers but even sweeter is how much his big brothers love on him. Asher is also quite the charmer with his nurses. Asher is fighting a rare […]

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Owen | Massachusetts | Leukodystrophy

At age 2 months, Owen was diagnosed with Leukodystrophy. Leukodystrophy is a progressive brain disease that has no cure. Owen is quite the little love who is a very sweet, cuddly little guy that fights through his illness that prevents his muscles from developing and has little to no muscle tone and no head control. […]

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Florence | Texas

From the moment Florence came into this world she was a fighter – but sweet little girl style. We think maybe some of that fight was from her daddy, who serves in our armed forces. Florence has captured the hearts of not only her mommy and daddy but the entire staff at Dallas Children’s Hospital. […]

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