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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Ethan | Neuroblastoma | Texas

Ethan has been diagnosed as stage 4 neuroblastoma and it is in his marrow in April 2010. Below you can read a little bit about his story. Ethan was born January 23, 2001. He has three younger siblings, Lauren (7), Bryce (4), and Caleb (2). Ethan is the sweetest and most compassionate child you would […]

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Pepsi Grant for Tiny Sparrow Foundation

Tiny Sparrow Foundation was born in November 2009 by a resilient and hopeful cancer survivor, Lidia Boicu. During the gruesome months of chemo, radiation, and surgeries, she learned human compassion. Lidia turned the emotional and physically challenging experience into a productive use of her time; she courageously taught herself professional photography. Upon recovering from cancer, […]

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