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Madison | Ohio

Meet 9-year-old Madison and her beautiful family. Madison is non-verbal and non-mobile without the ability to swallow. She has spastic quadriplegia, a subset of spasticcerebral palsy that affects all four limbs (both arms and legs). Her face is paralyzed leaving her unable to blink, close her eyes completely, and her mouth is always open. She has […]

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Eric | Virginia

Meet 12-year-old Eric and his courageous family. In a matter of days, their whole world changed through their son’s eyes, even where they call “home.” On Tuesday, April 1, 2014, Eric had been complaining for a few days about his very painful foot and lots of swollen lymph glands all over his neck. The family traveled […]

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Lesley | Illinois

Meet Lesley and her beautiful family. This teenager loves soccer and is full of smiles despite her battle. It’s been a long journey since 2005. Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder that disturbs cell growth in your nervous system, causing tumors to form on nerve tissue. Lesley has had a brain tumor, many spinal tumors and undergone countless […]

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Avett | Virginia

Meet 18-month-old Avett and his family. Avett’s Mommy is a Tiny Sparrow Foundation affiliate photographer so this Picture of Hope session hits particularly close to home. Avett is a very smiley and happy baby. He loves music, animals, and Mommy. Avett was born via emergency c-section. His family found out that morning, through a chance […]

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Brantley | Missouri

Meet Brantley and his family. This amazing little boy is all smiles, big blue eyes {and even bigger attitude}, and tender snuggles. He loves semi trucks, dirt bikes, cars and tractors. Before he was born, his family was told that he had a birth defect called spina bifida (SB), myelomeningocele, a defect of the spine that […]

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