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Behind the Lens: Megan Belanger

1. Tell us about how you became interested in photography. I first became interested in photography during my high school years. Digital cameras began to become quite popular, and I always loved technology. I bought my first point and shoot camera in my sophomore year and was photographing everything around me, from candid shots with […]

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Chloe | California

Meet Chloe and her family. She is the “liddol” sister to eight siblings in a blended family ranging in age from 2 to 36 years old. No written description to describe Chloe would do her justice, so we’ll let the photography speak for her tenacity and enthusiasm for life. She was so anxious to become […]

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Andrew | Oregon

Meet Andrew and his family. Andrew is his twin brother’s guardian angel. You see, he wanted to meet his other half face-to-face before protecting him from up above. On June 26, Austin was born first, and Andrew followed behind him three minutes later. Their parents learned on their birthday that Andrew had TAPVR (total anomalous […]

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Brianna | Kentucky

Meet Brianna. She has battled medical complications since a very young age. At five-years-old, a mass was discovered – the tumor known as Neuroblastoma. It is a cancer that develops immature nerve cells found in several areas of the body. By age 6, she was back home in remission after surgery and a lot of […]

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Behind the Lens: Tangie Sheets

This month we are honored to introduce one of our affiliate photographers, Tangie Sheets, of Life Reflections by Tangie. 1.Tell us about how you became interested in photography. I became interested in photography as a child.  I remember being fascinated with cameras, and when I was about 8, my grandmother gave me my first Brownie camera. […]

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