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Erik | Illinois

Meet 13-year-old Erik and his sweet family. Erik loves music and loves to sing. Although he doesn’t talk much, he sure can sing. When Erik is happy and having a good day, his smile and laughter light up a room and everyone in it. Erik also loves to hug, and he gives the best ones. […]

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Maya | Wisconsin

Meet 17-year-old Maya and her loving Mother. Maya is a vibrant, funny, engaging, and sensitive girl. She loves people and she has a penguin, Waddles, that goes everywhere with her. Today, there is no comparing to a year ago when her sparkle seemed dull and the Maya from just 6 months earlier seemed lost inside […]

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Sara | Pennsylvania

Meet 16-year-old Sara and her beautiful family. Sara loves anything British – she chose London for her Make-A-Wish trip and was able to travel there last summer for a once-in-a-lifetime dream trip. She is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and she loves to read. She has read the Harry Potter series numerous times and could probably […]

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Colby | Pennsylvania

Meet 5-year-old Colby and his family. He is a joy to be around and is a big brother to two beautiful sisters. Colby loves to smile and make others smile. He loves to go on gator rides and ride in his Daddy’s truck. He also enjoys running and swimming at the pool. Colby has tracheoesophageal […]

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Jaxon | Connecticut

Meet 2-year-old Jaxon and his family. You can’t help but smile seeing his smile! And if you sing him a song, the smile will grow even wider. Jaxon has a twin brother and an older sister too. He wins the World Record for happiest baby, ever. Jaxon has no idea that he’s even sick. He […]

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